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Sewage Cleanup Services In San Jose CA And Surrounding Areas

Maintenance of a home requires many efforts and is a tedious job. Most common is the problems associated with the sewage system. Leakage of a sewage system can cause many health hazards as well. Waste material in all forms, be it washings, laundry waste, waste from drains and toilets need to be removed from the house in order to maintain the sanctity of the house.

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Sewage can enter your house in many forms, such as basement flooding, faulty plumbing, leakage in sewer lines. Here is an overview of the sewage cleanup process and the hazards caused by the sewage leakage.

Sewage Backup Removal and Extraction

RPI possess all the necessary equipment to properly perform the cleanup process. Our technicians have all the necessary knowledge required for removing the sewage in a safe and effective manner. They make use of anti-fugal as well as antimicrobial solutions for cleaning the sewage to remove the unhealthy effects of a sewage leak.

If the sewage has affected the interiors of your house, then these technicians make use of a dehumidifier to prevent you and your loved ones from the health hazards caused by sewage. These firms have experiences of handling any kind of situation.

The technicians also make sure to remove any objects in the house which have been in direct contact with the sewage, such as carpets, drywall, and wooden objects. The reason is that these objects are especially known to intake the moisture, and can contribute to the growth of mold that will need expert mold removal.

Following this sewage removal process involves getting rid of the bad smell caused by the sewage leakage.

RPI has representatives available 24 hours a day to lend a helping hand to those who facing a disaster.

Toilet Overflow Cleanup in San Jose CA

If your toilet has overflowed call us right away to quickly dispatch an emergency crew before the damage to your property gets worse.

Always take pictures of the damages as it can help you with filing a claim with your insurance company. Moreover, always close the doors of the bathroom in order to prevent the sewage from moving to other parts of your house.

It is a good practice to seal the bottom part of the bathroom door with a towel. This can restrict the overflow to your bathroom only. Do not try to flush any other toilets as a blockage may make things worse for you. Moreover, if you try to run water or throw anything down your sink, it may add the blockage.

Health Hazards Of Sewage

Sewage is known to cause many health hazards for humans. Since sewage is a breeding home to many microorganisms, such as E coli and Salmonella, it may lead to many infectious diseases. The risk increases when you come into direct contact with these microorganisms. Here is the average cost of sewage remediation.

Thus, it is important to hire someone to begin the cleanup the sewage damage as soon as you notice it. RPI is one firm which can lend you a helping hand in rectifying your sewage problems in an effective and affordable manner.