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Top power equipment rental company for San Jose, Oakland, Santa Clara.

Temporary Power Rentals San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Clara, across all SF Bay Area

We are the most trusted and hired team for temp power rentals for businesses needing fast, reliable replacement power. Expertly, affordably power commercial small to extremely large projects. Temp power for construction, running businesses, events, all SF Bay Area needs. RPI offers power rentals of all K sizes to support your power replacement needs –  throughout the Bay Area and north for all Northern California cities and towns.

Our team of professionals will haul the generators to you, install, maintain and fuel them as a part of our service. We are among the top tier teams for temporary power that keeps your business running.

Temporary, replacement power rental services San Jose, CA, Oakland, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Gilroy, Salinas, Los Gatos, Campbell, Hayward, Woodside, Fremont, Walnut Creek. 

We are poised to respond instantly to an emergency –
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Our Power Rentals Services

Generator Rental Power

RPI brings you industrial power generator rentals of all sizes to support your temporary power needs throughout Northern California and beyond. Our professionals will haul the generators to you, install, maintain and fuel the generators as a part of our service.

Climate control


As the leading provider of momentary, portable, extra, large range, and also emergency cooling, heating, and dehumidification devices, RPI can help you with your temperature control…