Ryan Peacock

When commercial or residential contents like clothing, textiles, furniture and documents are damaged during a natural disaster or fire/smoke damage, the effects can be much more devastating and emotional than damage to the structure itself. RPI professionals handle your possessions with care throughout the restoration process – from initial on-site assessment through packing, transporting, cleaning and restoration, storage and safe return.

Our Approach
RPI uses a streamlined, computerized pack-out and pack-in service that allows us to assess inventory and track contents accurately and efficiently.

  • Prior to packing, we photograph each room to document items and correct placement, ensuring that all contents are returned to original locations.
  • We use industry-approved packing materials and boxes for safe transportation and storage of contents ranging from small keepsakes to clothing and household goods.
  • All boxes are inventoried and labeled by room and contents.


Cleaning Specialty Items and Services

Contents requiring additional specialty services are clearly identified and tagged separately:

  • Electronic equipment such as televisions, computers and home entertainment systems requiring corrosion removal
  • Documents such as books, business papers, photographs and keepsakes requiring special treatments like freeze-drying
  • Art including paintings, sculptures, and statues
  • Clothing and linens requiring dry-cleaning

Safe, Secure equipment Storage

Ensuring the safe-keeping of your possessions while in our care is a top priority. Our facilities and services include:

  • Secure warehouse facility for contents storage
  • Secure vaults and large lock-up areas
  • Both short and long term storage options

Our Capabilities
RPI is equipped to handle any contents pack-out, regardless of the size. We can provide storage for a single room of items – or complete pack-out, cleaning and restoration of an entire shopping mall.