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Pool Removal And Demolition Services In Sunnyvale CA

Are you tired of expensive water bills, or tired of the maintenance required to own a pool? You may decide that pools are a very expensive use of your money and so you may decide to remove them, we can provide this service along with hauling for you. Concrete removal is not a super easy task, it requires a lot of labour, the proper equipment, and quality hauling services to dispose of the remains. RPI is known in Sunnyvale to provide quality pool removal, demolition and excavation services in the Sunnyvale Area.


Sunnyvale Caltrain Station


What permits are required for Pool Excavation?

The city of Sunnyvale has certain permits that must be obtained by either the homeowner or contractor before the demolition process can begin. RPI is experienced in dealing with city governments so we have no problems obtaining The Sunnyvale pool removal regulations and abiding by Sunnyvale city regulations.

The Pool Demolition Process

  • Shutting off the natural gas and electric lines based on city protocol.
  • Drained the water out
  • Drilling holes in the bottom of the pool
  • Taking away the top of the pool and filling it with gravel.
  • Tearing it down
  • Hauling away the leftover debris


What Type Of Excavation Equipment Is Used?

Here at RPI we have most if not all of our excavation equipment in-house which allows us to demolish pools quickly in a time of need. The equipment typically used for a job like this is an excavator and/or toe hook.

Here is our excavator that you can find at our RPI rentals store

33,200 lb Excavator


How Will We Get The Excavator Into Your Property

if your pool is in a hard to reach area we may have to temporarily dismantle certain obstacles that may be in the way in order for us to reach to job site. It is important to allow proper access for our equipment and professionals so we can get the pool removal job done quickly, safely, and efficiently.

What are the Benefits of Pool Demolition?

  • Save money on pool maintenance.
  • it appeals to a larger audience if you decide to selling your home
  • The opportunity to pave, garden, or further landscape your backyard
  • It is safer for young children and the elderly
  • It can be about 65% cheaper than doing a pool remodel


Cost Of Removing A Pool

We will be honest with you, the cost of removing a pool is not cheap, but as described before it can save you money on pool maintenance and remodels in the long run.

According to this San Jose Mercury News Article the price of removing a pool in the bay area is about $10,000 – $12,000. Estimates may vary based on the size of your pool and the accessibility your property has to move around heavy equipment when doing the job.

So call RPI for you next excavation or pool removal job in Sunnyvale and surrounding areas today!