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Commercial Moving Services in The San Jose Area

If you are looking for industrial moving services in San Jose CA, we have you covered! Our professional commercial moving company will help take the stress out of business relocation while ensuring that your company remains as productive as possible.

When choosing a moving service in the San Jose area, you must balance the cost with the potential disruption to find the best value for your business. How much do you spend on a commercial moving service to avoid loss of business before, during and after your move? We are here to help you balance the price of moving services with productivity to ensure you are making the best move for your business.

What is Commercial Moving?

Industrial moving companies or office movers may seem similar to residential movers, however, there are some key differences. With commercial moving tends to involve commercial real estate with very specific rules and timelines. Business relocation movers often need specialized equipment and have to work within very strict timelines and guidelines. The logistics involved with commercial movers can be quite complex, but we are here to help.

Moving typically requires a lot of planning beforehand. A good business relocation company will help you to arrange pre-moving preparation, lay out your new floor plan and help you to install or replace your furniture.

We have the most experienced staff of business relocation movers in San Jose CA and we can help your business with every detail of your move. Our experienced office movers will also help to ensure that you do not take any major losses in equipment or productivity.

Moving Office Equipment

Whether you are in the process of relocating your business or in need of moving your office equipment from your office to another temporary office you are likely already aware that relocating office equipment is not an easy task. In fact, office equipment moving requires a lot of time, planning and expertise that is not typically involved in a residential move.

There is a wide variety of office equipment that may need to be moved when your business is in need of relocation. Some equipment is easy to move such as laptops, however, larger equipment is more difficult to move and set up in the new location. It is important to employ a professional commercial moving service to assist you with this important task.

You may think you can relocate your office without hiring movers, but don’t underestimate the intricacy involved in office equipment. While it may be easy to load up and move fax machines and phones, it is not so easy to re-set them up properly at the new office location. Just one missing cord or misplaced piece of equipment can lead to decreased productivity and ultimately money lost for your business.

Our professional business relocation movers are trained to keep all components in tact and be able to put them back together again flawlessly at the new location. We will save you time, money and hassle.

For larger items, such as copy machines, these are not only difficult to move but you need to factor in careful planning and execution to ensure that the office equipment is not damaged at all in the move. Also, due to the size of the equipment, it can present potential dangers to those who are trying to move it. Rather than put yourself or your employees at risk of injury by trying to relocate the office yourself, hire professional commercial moving services to ensure that the job is getting done correctly and safely.

Moving truck with stuff in it

By allowing a professional business movers to do the hard work of relocating your business for you, you can rest assured that your office equipment will arrive at the desired location intact and in the proper working order. You can also be assured that the equipment will be relocated safely and securely and will be back up and running in the new office space in no time so that your productivity is not negatively impacted by the office move.

How to Choose a Moving Service

It is important to keep in mind that not all commercial moving services are equal. Not every moving service is equipped to handle large equipment nor do they possess the knowledge and expertise of professional commercial moving services. Before you hire just any moving service, it is important that you do your research and make sure that the company that you choose is experienced and equipped to handle your particular office relocation job.

It is very important that the commercial movers you choose are able to not only pack up and move the equipment, but that they can also properly take down and set back up the equipment. You do not want to hire commercial movers who do not take pride in planning and organization as that will ultimately negatively affect your productivity.

Equipment Required for Commercial Moving Services

There is a variety of specialized equipment that we utilize when helping you with your office moving services. We ensure that the business relocation is done in the most timely and efficient manner possible with the least amount of disruption to your office, staff and productivity. Some of the equipment that we use includes:

• Computer or Library carts-these allow easy transportation of books, files or computer equipment
• Panel carts-these are used for oversized items or various sized panels
• Dollies-including two wheel, four wheel and appliance dollies
• Commercial bin boxes-these come in handy when loading up various office supplies and oddly shaped items
• Keyboard bags-these enclose your keyboard, mouse and computer cables to ensure nothing gets lost of mixed up in the relocation
• Forklifts-while one of these may not be needed for every commercial move, many businesses with large or heavy equipment can benefit from this machine and having access to one is not always easy
• Moving pads-this help to ensure that the office equipment arrives safe and damage free
• Shredding and/or trash bins-there is no better time to clean out and get rid of unwanted things in your office than when you are relocating. We make sure to provide these bins when we provide your office moving services so that there is no extra work for you having to find ways to properly dispose of unwanted items.
• Trucks-this seems obvious but we have a fleet of specialized office moving trucks that get the job done right. Our trucks are safe, reliable and equipped to handle the intricate task of moving office equipment.

What Kind of Protective Equipment Do We Use?

There are many measure that are taken to protect and preserve your office equipment when you hire a professional commercial moving service like us. We ensure that your equipment arrives safely and in the same condition it was in when we picked it up. Here are some of the protective measures we take to ensure a smooth office relocation:

• Masonite sheets are laid on the floors to ensure that items are safely transported without damage to any of your flooring
• Roll up floor protection is used on all of your carpeted areas-this rolls on easily and cleans up quickly
• Door jam protection is used to make sure there is cushioning to protect door jams from scrapes and damage during the move
• Corrugated plastic is used on the walls to protect them-this is much more efficient than cardboard and it does not rip or tear, ensuring the best protection

Our professional office movers also utilize color coded labels on each and every piece of equipment that is taken out of your office and relocated to your new space. Color coded labels will help to minimize errors and misplacement of equipment during the move. The labels also help to tell the office movers which area of the space the item belongs in. We strive to provide the most efficient commercial moving service possible and guarantee our work.

We have the most experience commercial office moving staff in San Jose CA. Our team knows exactly how to best protect and preserve the integrity of your office and its equipment. We strive to minimize any hassle on your end and limit any loss of productivity.

We understand that commercial office relocation can be both and exciting and stressful time for your business, let us take on the responsibility of making sure your move is as quick and efficient as possible. Don’t trust just any moving service to safely and properly move your office, make sure you are hiring trained professionals.

Give our commercial moving services team a call today to set up your free, no obligation estimate. We will not only pack up and move your office for you but we will be with you every step of the way when it comes to the planning of the move. All logistics will be handled by us, under your direction. You can rest assured that you are getting the best possible service when you hire our team of professional office movers.