Ryan Peacock



Water Damage

A water line broke over night in my company data center a few weeks ago and RPI came out and dried up the entire room and checked for any mold and water damage. I spoke with the owner Ryan over the phone and he explained everything he was doing up front so there were no surprises. Happy to say my business is up and running thanks to them.

(This Client is one of the largest most profitable companies in the world)

Fortune 500 Company

December 31, 2014

“On behalf of a client, I hired RPI to handle varied renovations and repairs to a Victorian mansion in San Francisco. The property is currently rented to a family in long term tenancy. They are sensitive to outsiders having access to their living and home office space. We knew this job would be complex, would stretch over several weeks and there was a possibility that the tenants would find reasons to be “unhappy” with the work.

RPI performed magnificently from start to finish. They were always on time, fulfilled our requests to take photos and provide reports (to let us know WHY that area of the roof is leaking. . . ) and provide updates on progress and findings. While working, they found additional damage and repaired those things as they went along. We were shocked at how good they were at matching paint colors!!

Our numerous requests were met with a can-do attitude and immediate action. Our concerns about disrupting the tenants were unwarranted; the tenant remarked (before we asked) that everyone from RPI was pleasant, professional, and treated the family and their property with care and respect. The work was done beautifully, on time and under budget.

This wasn’t an “easy” job and at one point, Ryan was asked about work done by a previous contractor hired by the tenant. Ryan was polite but candid when pointing out inferior work. When the tenant (an architect) tried to defend the work, Ryan demonstrated that he knew what had occurred and pointed out evidence that could lead to no other conclusions. His professional confidence is earned through a lifetime of experience and I found it reassuring.

For this group of repairs, I invited 5 contractors to bid. Future renovation and repairs will go directly to RPI. It’s great to know that I have a reliable, reasonably priced contractor to call when we are ready to do the next project. Whew!

If you have a construction or renovation problem to solve, I highly recommend RPI.”

“Ryan Peacock Inc and staff were stellar!! RPI saved our printing business from shutting down during the holidays, after major water damage from a toilet overflow. They responded extremely fast and coordinated everything with our insurance company. I’d use them again in a heartbeat!”

“Sewer in our Kitchen? That’s right! We hired RPI to handle some water damage from a broken pipe in our sub-zero. They started the work and quickly discovered black mold behind the kitchen cabinets. After thoroughly investigating, Ryan and Tristan found 3 nails had been driven into the sewer pipe many years ago. That pipe runs down from the upstairs master bath through our kitchen….Bon Appetite!

RPI quickly and efficiently repaired the damage, kept me informed along the way, handled everything for insurance and left the kitchen immaculate. Every single one of their staff were a delight to work with. I would hire them again but let’s hope I don’t have to!”

“These guys came to our rescue when our 40,000 square foot building flooded from the 3rd floor down in the middle of the night. They were here within 30 minutes of us finding the damage at 7:00 am, and 10,000 gallons of water later, the puddles were finally gone from the building and the place was dry in a week. We are a tech company, so people being able to work together in the office is essential, and the impact on work productivity was of utmost concern – RPI worked through two weekends straight, into the middle of the night, to make sure we were back in the building working in just 2 weeks. With the extensive dry wall repair and additional construction that had to be done to make the building safe enough to work in, it’s as soon as we could have possibly hoped for! The first day back it was like nothing ever happened, and work continued as usual – we are not sure where we would be without them! A huge thank you to Ryan and his hardworking team at RPI for getting us back on our feet.”

“Ryan Peacock and his staff were awesome! We had a flood between Christmas and New Year’s in our retail apparel store. RPI to the rescue! They gave us a very detailed quote, they provided man power to move our merchandise, a truck to store the merchandise right on site and were quick, efficient and professional. We ended up being closed only 8 days. They were up front about all costs, there were never any surprises. We will be looking to Ryan Peacock Inc, for our next tenant improvement project. . .they were wonderful!”