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RPI Water Damage Cleanup And Mold Removal In Rochester, MN And Surrounding Areas

Water can cause massive damage to your home or property, so it’s important to have it remediated as soon as possible. Here at RPI we have the experience and equipment necessary to handle your water or flood property damages in Rochester, MN.

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About Our Emergency Restoration Services

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair In Rochester, MN and Surrounding Areas

Putting out the fire is just the first step to restoring a building that has been damaged by fire; building owners have a big, multistage project ahead of them, one that requires many different kinds of professional expertise, once the firefighters leave. Putting out a fire necessitates the use of copious amounts water, which can damage a lot of the building’s structures and contents, especially if it is not removed quickly. Especially in the hot summers of Rochester, MN, and especially in commercial buildings that are not air conditioned, the presence of water can cause mildew and mold to grow quickly, causing even more damage. And then there is the damage caused by smoke, which can affect and even bigger part of the building than the part that was affected by the fire.

After a fire on your property anywhere in the Rochester, MN area has been extinguished, Ryan Peacock, Inc. will begin the multi-step process of repairing the damage caused by fire and smoke. The first thing we do is remove debris from the affected rooms of the building. Then we remove the water and clean the HVAC section. After the room has been dried out, we focus on repairing the contents that have been remove to offsite locations in Rochester, MN and, at the same time, on restoring the affected building and fixing structural damage.

Emergency Board-Up Services

When a building in Rochester, MN is not safe to enter or inhabit, you need to have it boarded up immediately so that it cannot be a threat to people’s safety. The emergency hotline at Ryan Peacock, Inc. of Rochester, MN is always available, and we will come to your property to board up structures that need to be boarded up.

Mold Removal and Remediation in Rochester, MN and Surrounding Areas

It is common knowledge that the presence of mold can present serious health risks for residential and commercial building occupants. RPI’s team of mold remediation in Rochester City experts are here to help you safely remove mold from your building as safely and efficiently as possible.

Mold itself is a microscopic organism; there are many different species of mold. Without mold, there would be no such thing as blue cheese or as penicillin, but there are plenty of types of mold that can thrive in Rochester, MN, and you do not want any of these types of mold growing in your building. By the time there is enough mold that you can see it or smell it, there is enough mold for it to be hazardous to human health. If you think that there is mold in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your home or commercial building, have Ryan Peacock, Inc. of Rochester, MN remove it immediately.

EasyClaimApp Total Loss Inventory Services

We have innovative technologies and trained professionals to help you with your total loss reports.

Sewage Cleanup Services

Just the thought of a sewage spill is frightening, from the terrible smell to all of the potentially disease causing microorganisms it can expose people to. Sewage spills and leaks are always an emergency, and Ryan Peacock, Inc. of Rochester, MN will always treat them as such. If you think there is a sewage spill on your property, do not attempt to clean it up yourself. It requires specialized gear and equipment.

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