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Water Damage Restoration in and Around the Los Angeles, CA Area

Water can damage property especially if not addressed promptly and properly. If not addressed, it can even escalate into a mold problem which can be dangerous to building occupant health. RPI’s technicians are trained to determine the extent of the water damage and rapidly remediate it.  Our trained technicians will dry, sanitize, clean, disinfect, and repair any size home or building after a flood.  We service locations all around Southern California from Santa Barbara to Irvine and beyond.


Types Of Water That Needs Extraction And Removal

Based on the type of water damage you are experiencing the price for extraction will vary. There are three major types of water that you may be experiencing:

  1. Clean water: This is the type of water that flows though our facets and generally considered to be free of major contaminates, although they can cause major damages to your properly if left untreated.
  2. Grey Water: This is a little harder to deal with because it is more likely to contain chemical, biological, or physical contaminants that can be harmful to human health.
  3. Black Water: This type of water is on par with sewage in how toxic and potentially harmful to your health it can be. If you are experiencing black water due to a toilet overflow or anything else you should contact our water extraction and restoration professionals as soon as possible to start the extraction process.

Mold Remediation and Removal In Los Angeles, CA

It is common knowledge that the presence of mold can present serious health risks for residential and commercial building occupants. RPI’s team of mold removal in the Los Angeles area experts are here to help you safely remove mold from your building as safely and efficiently as possible.

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Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

Fire and smoke damage can create unworkable and/or unlivable environments in your home or office. RPI’s teams in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Carson CA are trained to examine the extent of the fire and smoke damage and get your environment back to its pre-loss condition as fast as possible.



Emergency Power Services

Immediately following a disaster event, power is often cut off and/or completely unavailable. RPI has the in-house capability to provide emergency power wherever and whenever you need it. No matter the size of the need, we have the equipment and the trained professionals to get your power back, FAST!  From 100KW to 600 KW generators.  Don’t let a disaster take your business offline.

Crime Scene/Forensic Cleanup

Our highly trained and experienced team of Bio-Recovery Technicians is always on standby to help our community and those in need. We will compassionately and discreetly handle any type of Crime / Trauma / or Infectious Disease Cleanup needed.  We have the proper HAZMAT equipment, knowledge, and techniques to effectively and efficiently cleanup any crime scene.

Vandalism Cleanup

Vandalism is unfortunately a common occurrence in the Los Angeles area. RPI can work with you to document all damage done to your property in case you need to provide it to the authorities or your insurance provider. In addition to documentation we can remove any safety hazards (broken glass, drug paraphernalia, unknown liquids, etc.) as well as make repairs or put up temporary barriers to restrict access to the property.
RPI is always happy to help with painting over services and cleaning efforts related to vandalism as well.

EasyClaimApp Inventory Services

Our team members can conduct a detailed, room-by-room inventory of your belongings for insurance or any other purpose. We even have an proprietary in-house application that allows our team to collaborate and share any inventory in progress (or completed) with you and/or your insurance representative.

Industrial Cleaning

No matter what type of cleaning your company is faced with, we have the tools and training to get you through the project. We have the specialized equipment and cleaning protocols in house, for all types of industrial cleaning projects.

Drying and Dehumidification Of Flood Damage In Los Angeles, CA

RPI has the largest (in house) inventory of drying power on the West Coast. No company will have the amount of equipment and resources on a project as fast as we can. When it comes to structure drying and water damage restoration in and around Los Angeles, CA there truly is no job too large or too small for us to handle.

RPI uses the most advanced moisture detection equipment available as well as a systematic approach to moisture monitoring and moisture mapping. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop the best plan to rapidly and properly dry any building.

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