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Fire Damage Restoration Services

It’s hard to imagine anything worse than having to deal with the aftermath of a fire.  There’s the damage from the fire itself, damage from smoke and soot, and damage from water or other chemicals used to put the fire out.  These types of damage can make a home unsafe to live in or bring a business to a stop.

The process of restoring fire damage starts when the authorities give the green light that a property is safe to enter. Smoke, one of the unwanted byproducts of a fire, is acidic in nature and will corrode and stain different surfaces including counters, walls, and floors. Oftentimes, the steps that are taken for putting out a blaze might be more destructive than the fire itself. The way in which the fire restoration professionals deal with water damage, heat, and smoke will make all the difference in the timeliness of the repairs and the quality of the work.

RPI provides the board-up as well as site containment as emergency services. We let our customers secure their premises and property and let them preserve their things from further damage from the fire and its residual smoke.

Our workers do their job under the direction of specialist investigators to ensure the work is done properly and certify customer satisfaction. We supply cranes and other required machinery as well as heavy equipment for clearing the path, allowing aerial photos and the other needs of damage restoration to be adequately met.

The damaged materials are stored and moved to assist in securing the fire department’s safe entry and the authorized personnel in the restoration process of fire damage. We also provide lighting, emergency power, and dumpsters to our customers when required by the job. We apply the board-up decals whenever needed to reduce the eyesore caused by the burned structures. You can always trust our services without any doubts or fears.

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Water Extraction

After a catastrophic flood occurs, the first step to mitigation is to remove any standing water and begin extracting moisture from the area to prevent further damage.  Whether it’s a flooded elevator shaft, parking garage, or crawlspace; RPI has the tools necessary to extract the water and begin the drying process.  Among our fleet we have several Ditch Witches that can extract several gallons per minute saving precious time in the drying process.

Flood Cleanup And Restoration

RPI comprehends that it can be exhausting to deal with a property that is damaged by a flood. You get mentally as well as physically exhausted in such a situation, and you need a professional flood cleanup. This is the reason that we always remain available for handling every flood cleanup project – even the worst ones so that our customers do not have to worry at all. It does not matter to what extent your property has been damaged. Our experts try their best to give the best results to the clients.

Our workers never panic whenever they have to handle any sort of emergency situations. Our company always responds to emergency calls and our clients remain fully satisfied by our services. Whenever we get a call from any potential customers, we give an estimate free of charge.

Once approved, we begin work immediately to start drying any affected places. We also quickly respond to the water extraction requirements of our customers. Our professional workers and technicians are trained well enough to manage all these problems and give the best possible solution for our clients.

Emergency Power

When a disaster occurs, one of the first safety measures is to turn off the power to the building or affected area within a building.  Oftentimes the power will remain off for an extended period of time.  Having no power can be a major inconvenience in a home and detrimental to a business that will continually lose revenue for the duration of the outage.  RPI can deliver and setup emergency temporary power solutions to “keep the lights on” and your business functioning in a difficult time.  From powering a single home to running a large industrial building, our 100 KW to 600 KW generators are here to help you.

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