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Residential and Commercial Fire, Water, and Mold Removal And Restoration Services In Indianapolis, IN

Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration In Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas

Fires can cause significant damage to residential and commercial buildings.  Areas that weren’t directly in contact with the fire can also be damaged due to smoke and soot that travels throughout the area and becomes embedded in the building materials.  Proper remediation and restoration requires the right equipment and know-how to get you back to normal as soon as possible. The professionals of RPI Indianapolis have been expertly trained in fire damage and smoke issues, so they are more than capable of discerning the severity of the situation and responding appropriately.

Flood and Water Damage Restoration

Flood and water damage restoration is a multi step process that should be handled by professionals to ensure the work is done properly.  The steps involved include water removal/extraction, decontamination, drying, and finally water damage restoration. It is imperative to take action as fast as possible whenever water damage occurs to mitigate the extent of the damage. The chances of having problems with mold and other toxins increases the longer the water is allowed to saturate the environment. Many materials may need to be replaced including shelves, duct work, heating and air conditioning systems, walls, personal items, floors, drapery, etc. Prolonged exposure to a wet or moist environment, can lead to the growth of mold.  If a leak or flood has occurred and you think there may be mold, call RPI right away.

Mold Remediation

Mold often results from water-related damages, but you don’t need a flood to have mold problems. An infestation of mold could have come from anywhere, and it’s best to resolve that issue as soon as it starts. No amount of drying can stop the mold once it’s started, and only specialized tools and the knowledge of professionals should be used to preform mold removal services in Indianapolis, IN. Remediation and removal are the only way to keep the mold from drastically impacting the health of you and everyone around you. Your coworkers, your friends, your family; mold has been known to cause a multitude of different illnesses, and no one is safe while the mold stays present. Whether it’s your beloved Indianapolis, Indiana business or your dream-home, your rental property or your commercial estate, you deserve to have a mold-free and safe environment.


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About Our Emergency Restoration Services


Emergency Power Services

Immediately following a disaster event, power is often cut off and/or completely unavailable. RPI has the in-house capability to provide emergency power wherever and whenever you need it. No matter the size of the need, we have the equipment and the trained professionals to get your power back, FAST!

24/7 Window Board-Up

Many emergency situations can leave a building vulnerable once the occupants have left.  Don’t let another disaster such as vandalism, theft, or trespassing occur while you are dealing with the original calamity.  Let RPI perform a proper board up any time of day or night to secure your property.


Industrial Cleaning

No matter what type of cleaning your company is faced with, we have the tools and training to get you through the project. We have the specialized equipment and cleaning protocols in house, for all types of industrial cleaning projects.

Sewage Cleaning

Even though defecation and urination are natural bodily functions, there is nothing natural about a sewage malfunction. Whether it’s a burst pipe or drainage backup, the results are equally distressing.  You can count on us for your sewage cleanup needs.

Crime Scene/Forensic Cleanup

Our highly trained and experienced team of Bio-Recovery Technicians is always on standby to help our community and those in need. We will compassionately and discreetly handle any type of Crime / Trauma / or Infectious Disease Cleanup needed.


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