Ryan Peacock

Circuit Board Water Damage

RPI is proudly headquartered in the Silicon Valley, and as a result, we are well equipped to handle circuit board and electronics restoration. Some of our clients include large tech companies who choose to go with RPI because of our fast response times, and our experience with of water damaged electronics restoration. We understand the loss of revenue that can be caused by disasters can be devastating, so we work quickly to get your business back up and running as soon as possible!

We have dealt with many situations of large commercial circuit board repairs in San Jose, but here is one in particular:

Santa Clara County fire department responded to a structure fire and smoke damage. San Jose commercial building fire activated three sprinkler heads causing flooding and water damage. Ryan Peacock, Inc responded to the emergency to start water extraction, cleaning, and structural drying. The fire caused smoke damage to the contents, walls, ceiling, and floors. Water damaged Electronics can cause massive amounts of financial losses, but RPI was able to get the company back in business in only 3 days.

Curcuit Board water damage