Ryan Peacock

Mold Removal and Remediation Services in the Los Gatos Area

You don’t often think about mold being a problem in Los Gatos but even in dry climates like San Jose and Santa Clara you can have problems with mold creeping into your home and making the place unhealthy and unsafe to live in. Mold can cause all kinds of horrible illnesses and can make your house be so toxic that it’s not sanitary to live there. Learning the warning signs that you’re illness might be mold related and being able to call in experts who understand how to handle black mold removal and get you and your family feeling better and prevent these things from happening again.

If you have a burning sensation in the eyes, throat, nose and lungs, it’s very possible that mold is in the air and damaging your respiratory system. Headaches, problems breathing, constant couching, having your allergies flare up stronger than you remember them being before, all of these and other conditions are consistent with having mold in your house that could be causing you all sorts of health issues. You can learn more about health problems caused by mold here. Having an expert come to your house to inspect the building for mold is a smart idea if you are plagued by these problems. If no mold is found you have the peace of mind that this problem isn’t the one you’re having to deal with, and if they do discover mold the plan to deal with it can be mapped out and a solution can be formulated.

Mold requires three things to grow, water, a food source, and time. If you have leaking pipes or there’s been a lot of rain in your area it’s very possible that crawlspaces or sections of your basement where people don’t tend to go to could have mold growing inside them. Just not paying attention to sections of your house could lead a mold infestation to begin and spread. If there is an odd smell in the air or you don’t know exactly why some parts of your house don’t feel right it’s likely a good idea to have a mold expert give the house a going over and see if you do have an issue with mold.

Once mold has been removed the process of mold remediation can begin. Working to keep sections of your house dry is a vital part of the plan when it comes to preventing mold from returning. Installing dehumidifiers in your basement is a wise move to prevent the moisture mold need to grow and spread from happening. Keeping mold in check is something every home owner needs to do. Mitigating the damage mold can do is critical and having a good mold mitigation plan is a sound game plan.

When it comes to mold cleanup in the Los Gatos area and beyond you should give RPI a call. Our environmental experts will be able to give you a quick assessment of your situation and work with you to get an effective and affordable plan in place to treat your mold issues and work to protect you from mold long term.