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Fire Damage Restoration, Soot Cleanup, Smoke Damage Restoration and Any Other Fire Damage Situation in Los Gatos and surrounding areas

A fire in your residence or place of business is one of the most devastating disasters to take place.  Along with the potential loss of personal property there is also the damage done to the structure.  Even if the flames don’t cause direct damage, the smoke and soot left behind will.  At Ryan Peacock, Inc. we have the tools and experience to clean up fire and smoke damage in the Los Gatos area.  One of the keys to mitigating the damage is to quickly respond to the situation to prevent soot, smoke, and odors from settling in too deeply.  So start the restoration process once the structure has been cleared for reentry by the fire department by giving us a call.

Soot Cleanup and Removal Services

Interior with heavy smoke and soot damage

Even if your property is lucky enough to remain untouched by fire, soot and smoke can still leave a film on your electronics, clothing, furniture, building materials, and anything in the vicinity.  This soot is as dangerous to your property as it is inconvenient.  Electronics exposed will break and clothing and upholstery will reek of smoke as a constant reminder of your disaster.  Let RPI cleanup and remove any items damaged by soot and smoke to get you back to normal.

Fire Damage Restoration in Los Gatos and Surrounding Areas

It’s hard to imagine anything worse than having to deal with the aftermath of a fire. There’s the damage from the fire itself, damage from smoke and soot, and damage from water or other chemicals used to extinguish the fire. These types of damage can make a home uninhabitable or stop a business from helping its customers.

The process of restoring fire damage has several steps that starts when the authorities give the green light that a property is safe to enter and is then typically followed by:

  • Board up And Shoring Services
  • Debris removal
  • Onsite dry down
  • HVAC Cleaning
  • On-location and off-location contents cleaning
  • Structural reconstruction

Smoke, a necessary byproduct of a fire, will corrode and stain different surfaces including counters, walls, and floors. Oftentimes, the steps that are taken for putting out a blaze might be more destructive than the fire itself. The way in which the fire restoration professionals deal with water damage, soot, and smoke will make all the difference in the timeliness of the repairs and the quality of the work.

Our technicians do their job under the direction of project managers to ensure the work is done properly and certify customer satisfaction. We supply cranes and other required machinery as well as heavy equipment for clearing paths, allowing aerial photos and the other restoration steps to be completed.

The damaged materials are stored and moved to assist in securing the fire department’s safe entry and the authorized personnel in the restoration process of fire damage. We also provide lighting, emergency power, and dumpsters to our customers when required by the job.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are a scary thing to deal with. So many different things can happen that can cause a fire, be it faulty wiring in a room, an older electrical appliance malfunctioning, someone being careless while they are smoking and leaving a lit cigarette in their hands that falls onto carpeting or some other flammable service, a burner on the stove being left unattended and managing to catch something in the kitchen on fire. Then of course there is the potential for things outside your house to cause it to catch fire. A gas line explosion, or a raging wildfire that is in your community could cause you to evacuate before the fire gets to your home. California is plagued by wildfires that burn out of control all summer long. Having people who know how to get you back on your feet after a fire is a vital part of the rebuilding process. You need skilled experts who have seen all the things fire can do to a home and will be able to assess the damage and then put a plan of action into place that will allow you to recover from the devastation that was caused by the fire. Don’t let a fire take away everything you’ve worked for. Fire damage restoration is something you need.

RPI knows that time is vital. Preventing the smell of smoke and soot from seeping into your home completely and altering the scent of the place for good is something you need to avoid and to do so you need to call them as soon as it’s safe for people to be allowed into the building. Having them on stand-by for when the fire department gives the all clear for people to begin work on repairing your home is the best way to get the process off on the right foot and allow your home to be remodeled into a good looking and clean smelling property. You can count on the experts at RPI to get the job done right.

Once the house is being worked on it will be boarded up and secured by the professionals working to repair it. Soot cleanup, soot removal, and smoke restoration will be dealt with and the damaged items will be taken and cataloged so that all the things you had damaged and destroyed by the fire can be tracked and what happened to them can be confirmed so that your insurance company can get a proper estimate of the damage that was done to your building and will be able to get you the proper payout to allow you to begin rebuilding your life and getting things back on track.

Once all the damaged items are removed there will likely have to be water damage treatment done as the means by which the fire was put out will likely have impacted your building as well. Once that is squared away the rebuilding process can begin in earnest.

Give RPI a call 24/7/365 to have a professional flood restoration specialist extract the water and begin rebuilding the damage.