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Water and Fire Damage Restoration In California


Water removal, water damage restoration, decontamination, drying and mold removal are the main factors involved while dealing with the restoration of your home after a catastrophic leak or flood.  It is imperative to take action as fast as possible whenever water damage occurs. The chances of having problems with mold and other toxins increases the longer the water is allowed to saturate the environment. Many materials may need to get replaced include shelves, duct work, heating and air conditioning systems, walls, clothing, floors, drapery, etc. Prolonged exposure in such an environment, can lead to illness and diseases that can be quite harmful to individuals.

RPI offers you outstanding service to deal with water damage restoration, mold removal, sewage cleanup and other similar problems. We have qualified experts and professionals who work hard to provide quality service to our clients. Our technicians are diligent, and know how to remedy the situation in the best possible way.

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