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Understanding the water restoration process and equipment can help you deal with equipment in your house and facilitate your restoration company with their job. The more you cooperate the faster they can get your home or business back to it’s original condition.   Basically there are a few main steps that are usually involved in the water damage recovery process:   1. Your water damage repair company In Sunnyvale or wherever else will first

This article will layout what you can expect from your contractor and insurance company after a disaster happens. Restoration insurance can be complicated so we wrote an article that can hopefully help you navigate this process in a time of crisis.


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  Often times an adjuster is assigned to your claim by the insurance company. Your restoration contractor will work closely with

RPI is available 24/7/365 for emergency services. These services include: Board up, Tarp roof, Temporary fencing, Temporary power, water extraction, diesel water vacuum, structural drying, air scrubbing, debris and salvage clean up, sewage clean up, sprinkler activation, broken water pipe, flooding control, trauma clean up, smoke clean up, wind damage, tree damage, structural damage. We are equipped to handle commercial and residential emergencies.   RPI features a 1000

RPI is expanding the demolition division by adding heavy equipment and dump service  

Sometimes insurance companies make the insurance claims process more challenging than it needs to be. They benefit from a tedious claims process because they don’t have to payout as often. One of the ways they delay the claims process is by not clearly specifying the information they need.  

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  Many people don’t know this, but

If your home or business is experiencing water damage it is important to note that there are three different categories of water damage determined based on water contamination. These different categories require unique action from your restoration company. Understanding the category of water damage your structure is experiencing can help you better describe the situation to your restoration company. When promptly provided with this information your restoration company can act quickly and

On Christmas day the Campbell Marriott’s sprinkler activates on 7th floor and proceeds to flood several rooms and down the stairway to additional floors. They suffered severe water damage from a sprinkler head activation. Water removal was the first step to fix the damage. Moisture readings were taken to determine where the water damage was and how wet it was. Air movers and dehumidifiers were placed to start the structural drying phase. Without RPI’s

Circuit Board And Electronics Water Damage Restoration Services In San Jose

RPI is proudly headquartered in the Silicon Valley, and as a result, we are well equipped to handle circuit board and electronics restoration. Some of our clients include large tech companies who choose to go with RPI because of our fast response times, and our experience with of water damaged electronics restoration. We understand the loss of revenue that can be caused by

RPI performed the clean up on Sunday for a structure that had suffered major fire loss. We had the client open for business by Monday morning.   SEAL COVE INN PHOTO1