Water Extraction & Drying

Water Damage and Advanced Structural Drying

Immediate water extraction from the building and effective drying methods is the key to a quick drying process. This process needs to happen as soon as possible to mitigate further structural water damage.

Once extraction has been performed, RPI professionals will begin structural drying. Proper drying is important for preventing mold and mildew along with damage to the floor underneath the carpet.

Efficient and effective water damage restoration work calls for continuous inspection while drying is underway at your home or business. This will make sure the building is properly dried out to prevent issues like mold damage.

Before we place drying equipment, our field technician checks both affected and unaffected areas with moisture detection tools to establish a baseline for drying each type of building material. We clearly record where we take each reading within the structure and carefully repeat readings at the same locations throughout the process. By monitoring continuously, we can closely track difficult-to-dry areas and make equipment adjustments to speed drying progress. As a result, we dry most finishes “in place” with minimal demolition, therefore getting you back in your home or business faster.