Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

You cannot constantly predict when calamity will certainly strike or the effect it may have on your company– but you can take steps to guarantee a faster and extra reliable recuperation.

We are poised to respond instantly to an emergency –
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Our Disaster Recovery​ Services

Disaster Planning

They are exploding pipes, flooding, fire, and smoke. You hope it never happens, but disasters occur all the time. The aftermath can be devastating in terms of property damage.

Water Damage

When disaster strikes, delay in response time can cost thousands of dollars in inventory loss, property, and additional living expenses.


The nature of a fire creates particular problems worthy of comprehensive treatment. Fire losses must be handled with special care since many types of materials can fuel a fire.

Demolition Services


RPI has provided demolition services for private homes, apartment complexes, hospitals, and a wide range of commercial buildings and industrial facilities in the bay area for 4+ years…..

Water Extraction & Drying

Water damage within your home can create an entire host of concerns and bring about major structural issues and injuries residential property otherwise dealt with promptly and successfully…

Flood Preparedness


Having an evacuation strategy before flooding occurs can help avoid confusion, stop injuries, and build damages…


Few points can make a homeowner feel even more helpless than the threat of an outside flood, and the potential damage caused. If your house or business is affected by flooding…


Ecological emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, from the unintentional spill of a 5-gallon pail or vehicle turnover to the launch of hundreds of gallons of a hazardous material…